Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Perfect Girl's Weekend

Yep, I am still trying to slowly but surely catch up on my blogging.
Last month, I went to my sister's for a fun girl's weekend. We had a great time together.
 I stopped by my sister's class. She is such an awesome teacher and I loved meeting her cute students.
 After school, Lauren and I played an oldie but a goodie, MASH! It brought lots of memories back to me. I played that game so much with my friends.
That night, we ate a perfect girl's dinner. What else but pizza? We loved eating at ZaZa, one of the best pizza places in central AR!
We watched the movie, Sixteen Candles after dinner.
Saturday morning, we went to Two River Bridge and trail for a walk. The view was so gorgeous!
 Pinnacle Mountain is always wonderful to see.
 Kelly and me
 Marcie is such a fun and sweet dog! She loved walking with us.
 Lauren loved walking Marcie, too.
 Me and Kelly at GiGi's cupcakes.
These cupcakes were oh so good. Who doesn't love cupcakes?
We also stopped by the new children's library in the area. Lauren loved it so much.

 I loved this picture of Lauren.
We shopped a little bit that afternoon, which is definitely mandatory for a perfect girl's weekend.
 I have mentioned several times that my sister is a fabulous cook. Lauren definitely has that talent as well. We made homemade pretzels together!
 Lauren was a pro at twisting the dough.
We watched my favorite movie ever ever EVER, Steel Magnolias! Lauren really enjoyed it, I think.
 Sunday, we visited the Museum of Discovery. This was a bed of nails!
 Lauren and Kelly

 The tornado room was one of the most interesting parts of the museum. When you walk in the room, it's just like a basement, then while you are there, it really feels like a tornado. Crazy.
 We also enjoyed being news anchors! :)
It was such fun. We had a ball together and I think we need to have a girl's weekend on a regular basis. I of course, had to travel back home. I am always thankful for a great weekend with a couple of my favorite girls! I love Kelly and Lauren so much!
I thanks my God every time I remember you. Phillippians 1:3