Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weight Watchers Wednesday! Salad and Races Edition

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope your day has been awesome so far! I wanted to share another recipe with you. There are so many great foods I have found and they are so yummy! Try this salad and you will love it!
Beef & Blue Cheese Salad
5 PointsPlus Value
1 Serving 

2 oz. deli roast beef, torn into strips
1/2 oz. (about 7) bagel chips, broken up
2 T. low-calorie blue cheese dressing (I like Wish-Bone)
1 1/2 cup lettuce (romaine, red leaf or baby spinach)
1 cup cooked asparagus or green beans

Mix lettuce, asparagus, and roast beef. Add bagel chips and then toss with dressing.
That's all!

Russell and I have been preparing for our very first 5K walk/run on Saturday. We have been walking and staying active. We are so excited about Saturday!

It will be so fun this weekend! We are walking in memory of my aunt, Janet. She was so special to us and we loved her so very much. As y'all know, Race for the Cure is an awesome thing to participate in. It will be awesome!

I will walk among you and be your God, and you will be my people. Leviticus 26:12


Becky said...

Good for you! I can tell a difference in your pictures.