Monday, April 2, 2012

Traveling to Ree's Frontier...Meeting Pioneer Woman

 Y'all know I love The Pioneer Woman, and Russell does too! She recently came out with a brand new cookbook, "Food From My Frontier", and she is doing several book signings! The closest location where it took place was Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Ree's hometown. We even drove on part of Route 66 to get there!
 There was a cutest little antique store and soda shoppe nearby so we stopped there early this afternoon. The had many antiques, but I loved the collectible Christmas Tree Spode butter pat plates! Adorable! Yep....30 bucks adorable. We didn't get one. HA!

 Gotta love Beatrix Potter! So cute around Easter!

 Here is the soda fountain! Such a cute place!

 We also stopped at Keepsake Candles. What a beautiful view they have!
 We loved their homemade candles!
 We also saw Frank Phillips home!

 We also saw The Price Tower and Inn designed by Frank Lloyd Wright!

They love their buffaloes there! Ha! There were several of these around town with different designs.
OKAY...on to the BEST part of my post! HA!
 YAY! Here's the sign and table all set up for her!

 Yes, it's a lifesize cardboard display of Ree Drummond! Ha!

 I am telling y'all, I was so anxious and excited to meet The Pioneer Woman! Here I am waiting in line with all of her books! We were actually the 7th people in line! WOW! We were lucky, because the line was awfully long by 5:00. We got there at 4:00 and it started at 6:00.

 Here's her brand new books!

 This doesn't even show you how long the line got by 6:00. I'm telling ya'll, it was crazy!

Okay, can you find Ree in this picture! It was almost 6:00 sharp!
 So we waited about ten more minutes and voila! It was my turn to meet her! (Yes, I was totally giddy at this point. I get excited about lots of things, but especially meeting Ree!)

 She's now one of my new best friends! HA! She was SO incredibly sweet, y'all.

 Here we are! I was totally ecstatic at this point! I just love her!

 Russell, Ree and Me! Russell loves her too. He loves cooking her steak and buffalo wings!

Alas, we had to go home. I almost forgot there were hundreds of people behind me. HAHA!
 But we came home with momentos!
It was so good to be in Ree's hometown of Bartlesville. We made a day of it and had such fun! I like her so much because she is so down to earth and sweet and friendly! So check on facebook or her blog and see if she's headed to a city near you!! You won't want to miss it!

So heap on the wood and kindle the fire. Cook the meat well, mixing in the spices... Ezekiel 24:10


Megan said...

Hi Meredith :) I used to live in Bartlesville and it's a very cute little town! I am also a HUGE fan of Ree and I'm so excited that you met her! Very cool :) Were any family members with her? I know she grew up in Bartlesville too. Also, is that little soda fountain in Dewey? I think I remember it, but not sure.

Maryellen said...

What fun Meredith !

YOU look great girl !

Keep up the good work !