Monday, April 19, 2010

Disney World Part 2

I am posting part 2 of Disney World! We loved Disney's Hollywood Studios. See the Hollywood Tower of Terror? We rode that and it was definitely and literally "bottom lifting!" HA! I am sooo serious, it is pretty wild!
But the very first ride we went on was......ROCKIN' ROLLER COASTER!!!!! It was AWESOME! It went from 0-60 miles in 2 seconds! WOWSER!

Later we saw Beauty and the Beast on Stage. It was great and the music was fantastic.
Mama and I went to The American Idol Experience. No, I didn't try out. If I did, it would have taken a lot of time out of my vacation. Mostly, I only wanted to be w/ family more than anything. But we were part of the audience and got to vote on our favorite singer. It really felt like we were in Hollywood!
For dinner, we ate at Sci-Fi Dine In Theater. We got to sit in little "cars" while we ate. It really was neat. And Lauren got to meet up with one of her great friends, Anna Lee! They are like 2 peas in a pod!
Here we are being funny! Lauren and I busted out a duet!
The next morning, we headed to Chef Mickey's for breakfast! Logan and Lauren got to meet a few characters! Here they are with Mickey!!!

And Minnie was too cute!
And I had to get a pic with Minnie Mouse!
and here's Goofy!
We actually went to Animal Kingdom after breakfast. I didn't take too many pics. That afternoon, we headed to Downtown Disney!

We stopped in a neat store there and Lauren got to make her own Mouse Ears Hat!
I had to make one too. I can be a kid at heart lots of times!

Next we went to Logan's heaven...a.k.a. Lego Land! Logan just loved it so much!
Look at the lego people!

And he even became a VIP member! :)
We really had a great time there too! Part 3 is coming soon!

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Maryellen said...

Oh Meredith you are brave ! Going on those rides hah Sadly I'm a motion sickness lady so no rides for me. I actually got sick at IMAX 3-D cinemas. hah So glad you had a blessed trip with family.