Monday, February 2, 2009

1st Christy's Queens Meeting!

Tonight was our very FIRST Christy Cox Unit meeting for Mary Kay! Can you tell I am excited here? HA!

Here is our board in the training center!

A couple of weeks ago, Christy went to Phoenix, AZ for Director Leadership conference and awarded Karen her "Arizona hat" for being queen of sales for the week! Go Karen!

Christy has a lot of unit members but since we are just getting started with our unit, we had 5 there at our meeting tonight. BUT Christy will have a big debut party on Saturday with TONS of people there! It is going to be so great! A few of my friends will be there too!

It has almost been a year since I started MK. I am still learning a lot but I love it and I am so glad Christy is now a Director! Christy, I know you read this so.....I am so happy for you! I love your chocolate brown suit! And again, Congratulations!


petrii said...

Congratulations Christy!!!

And how cute are you? So adorable!! I love all the meetings you blog about. I use to wear Mary Kay more when my sis was a salesperson.

Have a Blessed day friend,

Jessica said...

I am a huge MK girl! Do you know Amy Bowman? We are friends. : )

Jessica said...

She was for a shirt time- I actually had an MK party several years ago that led to three different girls signing onto to become consultants. She was their director. Small world!