Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday School Super Bowl Party

Tonight was the Super Bowl party at Jennie and David's house! They are our Sunday School teachers and we are so blessed we have them as not only teachers but friends! Here is everybody watching the Cardinals and Steelers.

David and Jennie are soo sweet!

Will and Chase watching the 3-D commercials. Isn't this hilarious!?!

Russell and I on his 25th birthday at the Lee's!

Jennie, Mandy, and me taking a break from the game and talking instead. :)

Rhyanne, Chad, and Mandy!
We really enjoy hanging out with our friends from church. We absolutely love it! Hope ya'll have a great week!


petrii said...

This looks like so much fun. We just hung out together and yelled a lot at the tv and ate curly fries . . . yum, I heart curly fries =)

Have a Blessed week,

Betsy said...

We had a Sunday School Super Bowl Party at my house, too! Those are so much fun. I wanted Arizona to win, though.

Hope you have a great week!!