Monday, July 14, 2008

Jennifer's Wedding

Okay! The wedding of the year just happened! HA! Jennifer is so special to me. Her and Matthew Euler have been dating for years! They finally got married! They have such a love story too! Here is a pic of the rehearsal dinner guest book table. I loved the display. BEAUTIMOUS!
Aren't they just the cutest couple!!! Precious! They mean so much to Russell and me. When Russell and I had our "blind date" 3 years ago, I told Jennifer how nervous I was. She offered for her and Matt to go with us to the movies after we had dinner! And Matt lived in Cabot then! He drove all the way to Camden just for our blind date. I will never forget how much that meant to us.
I took a billion not really! HA! Here we are...the 4 of us!

And here she is! Jennifer Rose Jordan Euler all ready for the wedding. She looked timeless!
Here we are! Me and Jenny Rose!I loved the colors for her wedding! Perfect!
Her sisters putting on her sweet. This is Ann Marie and Mary Catherine.
Two inseperable flower girls! Lauren and Anna! Look at their "mini bouquets!" Those girls did not leave each others sight! They did a great job!
3 or 4 of the bridesmaids bouquets. GORGEOUS!!!

Matt and Jennifer say their vows.
The photographer wanted to take a lot of funny shots and none of us knew what to do! HA! SEE? FUNNY!
Someone told me that Jennifer designed this cake. She drew it all out for the bakery who did it! I am not surprised that Jennifer did that! It is so pretty!

Sweet Logan and Lauren at the fancy reception!
Mama, Kelly, Daddy, Russell and Me
DANCING!!! At first, Lauren was shy about dancing, then she just got on out there and had so much fun! So did we!
Saying bye to Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Euler. They are now in Mexico on their honeymoon. Here is Logan with sparklers! He loved them!
So yes, I did sing, but it was a song called, "Only God Could Love You More." It was a pretty song. The minor problem was that the pastor forgot about my song until after the unity candle!!!! :( I didn't get to stand up there w/ the other bridesmaids for very long! Anyway! I have to say again, the wedding was fabulous and I hope ya'll enjoyed the pics!!


Kelly said...

The wedding looks beautiful!!!!

Heather said...

What a pretty wedding!! I'm glad you got to sing. I was praying for you!

Meredith said...

Beautiful wedding! The colors were gorgeous. You looked so pretty!! Hope you weren't too nervous about singing. I'm sure you did a great job.