Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Point of Grace

Point of Grace was my first favorite Christian music group! I absolutely loved them and still do. I LOVE the songs, Gather at the River, Jesus will still be there, Life, Love, and other mysteries, Keep the Candle Burning, Steady On, I Choose You, How You Live, and SOOO many others. A few years ago, one of the girls, Terry Jones retired from the music group. Leigh Capillino joined soon after and she is awesome by the way. Well, I just visited their website and found out that Heather Payne is retiring! There will be 3 of them (Denise, Shelley, and Leigh) as a trio. God has plans for everyone! I know Heather has an awesome voice! She sings so high! I am not sure what note she sings...maybe high G??? Anyway, she will be missed!


Heather said...

I really like Point of Grace, too. Their music is so good!

Kelly said...

I went to OBU with POG (for one semester)