Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Few Random Things!

Tuesday night, all the Star consultants were recognized at a luau! I thought i would also take a couple pictures of the training center too.
The Training Center in Rogers! We do facials there (except it's not always Hawaiian!).
Me and my friend, Christy having fun! She is so sweet and so fun, too!
Here is a picture of all the star consultants for the 4th quarter! And we are so ready for Seminar!
Amy Bowman and me! She is a Director and one of the nicest people ever!!! So sweet to EVERYONE she meets! We had so much fun at the Mary Kay Luau! YAY!

On Another Note:
The other day, my friend Amy called me and told me about this awesome gym called Fit For Her. Well, I normally don't like gyms. Hey, face it the truth is I just don't like working out! HOWEVER--This gym seemed too good to be true! I had to see if this really was true, so I stopped in. Every treadmill/bikes/elypticals had tvs, there was tanning, massage chairs, circuit workout machines, and more! Anyway, I am going to go on a regular basis!!!
Oh and one more thing:
Our family is going to stay at a beautiful beach house on Santa Rosa Beach! We are sooo ready for it! So I'm going to be packing all day today! Tomorrow we're going to Camden to meet everybody. I may blog while we're there!


Kelly said...

Have fun on vacation!! Sounds wonderful!

Heather said...

That vacation sounds wonderful. I hope you have tons of fun! And, a gym with tvs everywhere. That sounds like my kind of gym. Do you have a website for your Mary Kay stuff?

Leigh Ann said...

I love Santa Rosa beach. It's so pretty. Have a great time!