Monday, January 7, 2008


Russell and I started to have a very low key night. We ate dinner early, the house was completely clean, so we planned to watch a movie. All of the sudden, we saw the emergency alert system come on. Then I thought "naah, this isn't right!" Well, my friend, Amy called me and said, "Did you know a tornado is coming?" Well she said get to a bathroom and in the tub. Right after that, my Aunt Molly called and said, "Get in the bathtub, now!" We kinda freaked because we have never experienced anything like this! We also called Laurie and Steve to see how they were and since they live kinda close to us, we even considered going over to their house! We didn't but we are definitely prepared. At about 8:30 the news said the tornado was coming very close to Vaughn and XNA area. We did take cover then for a little while! Luckily, now, we are watching tv just in case we see any other warnings. Nonetheless--we are prepared as ya'll can tell! We have sheets, even a mattress in the guest bathroom. Maybe we overreacted but you never know! God is good!