Sunday, January 6, 2008

Another Fan of PAULA DEEN!

I know TONS of people just love Paula Deen. (Especially alot of people who blog!:)) But I am definitely one of those fans also. You just gotta love that precious lady! I used some Christmas money to get her book and memoir, "It Ain't All About the Cookin'." It is definitely a good book but she confesses to many things she regrets. She learns through them. I am on the last chapter now and can't wait to finish the book. I will say I like the cookbooks better. Sometimes I get to watch her show and really like it too. I would love to just take a trip with some of my friends to Georgia and meet her! Just a dream that I have though.....maybe someday! HA! Her restaurant The Lady & Sons would be great to eat at also!


Kelly said...

I love Paula Deen - she is my girl!

Lisa said...

I got that book to and I read it in less than two hours. She is so down to earth and friendly. I would love to travel to eat at her restaurant.