Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Daniel Tiger Halloween

Hope y'all had a safe and fun Halloween this year! We had lots of fun. It was not hard deciding on a costume for Jackson this year. He has adored the character, Daniel Tiger, for months now. He loves the music they sing on the show, and claps his sweet little hands every time the show is on.
Here is our little "Daniel Tiger" at Daddy's work. They always love for kids to come and show off their costumes every year. Special thanks to Aimee, who made the ears and also to Maureen, who made his tiger tail. :) 
So cute!
He loved sharing his candy at Daddy's office as well. Too funny.
Here is Jackson checking out his loot. 
Friday night, we lit the jack-o-lantern that Russell and I carved for sweet J. It was so cute watching his reaction to the light inside the pumpkin.
Playing around and laughing. It's what we do best!
I love this one of my boys!
Sweet boy
Russell worked so hard for the past three weeks to build Jackson a "trolley" to fit over the wagon we have. I enjoyed painting some of the pieces, but he did most of the work. Here is our Daniel Tiger in his trolley. Ding, Ding! 
Our family with the trolley at Fall Fest. 
It was so good to see our friends, Kelsey and Abbey there too!
Fun activity to try! 
We also went to Laynette and Rusty's house to trick-or-treat and to visit for a few minutes. Laynette goes all out for Halloween, so it was fun to drop by.
Our little tiger was getting sleepy. :)
We still made time to stop by Starbucks and get a "frappula" for Halloween. Did you know they only make these Frappuccino's one day a year? 
How I love my little pumpkin. It is so bittersweet to look at these pictures. Time truly flies.
Last night, when I was putting Jackson to bed, I held him and sang, "Great is thy faithfulness," "I love you, Lord," and more. Jackson rocked back and forth and clapped his hands and gave me the biggest smile. It was the perfect reminder that no matter what you are going through, good or bad, God is faithful!! It brought tears to my eyes. Cherish every moment with your babies, kids, teens and adult children! :) It's worth it for sure!
If you honor your father and mother, things will go well for you, and you will have a long life on the earth. Ephesians 6:3