Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Visit from KK!

Time is flying. My baby is almost seven months old and I just cannot believe it. And now the holidays are here. Thanksgiving is oh so close, then Christmas will be soon after! Oh my word, I really would like to freeze time! HA! I guess that's why I love blogging.
Our Jackson has been the happiest boy! He was just playing on our bed the other day. He was excited because KK was coming to town!

My mom came on Monday afternoon and we headed to the park because the weather was wonderful and perfect to play outside.

Jackson tried out the swing for the first time! He loved it so much. He laughed a little bit and smiled too. So glad he got to try it out.

He was serious about the swing at first, though. He also enjoyed all the other kids playing outside. He is so observant!

KK reading to Jackson. He loves his "Night Night, Peter Rabbit" book.

Tuesday, I made a homemade apple pie. I try to make one at least once a year. Mama helped make it too. She loved keeping Jackson company while I was in the kitchen.

Before baking it! I will be honest, it turned out well, but burned on the top a little. Am I the only one that burns the top? I followed the directions! HA!

Oh, I could just eat him up! Love this little turkey!

Tuesday night, my aunt Molly came with her sweet dog, Lincoln. Jackson loved petting Lincoln. He loves dogs. We had such fun with family.

Countdown to Thanksgiving is on, y'all! Cannot believe it! Hope y'all are having a fantastic weekend!

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