Friday, October 24, 2014

A Trip Down South

Last weekend we headed  to South Arkansas for a wedding and to see family. I took so many pictures that I decided to write two separate posts.
Friday, we hit the road early in the morning because we knew we would have to stop a few times for Jackson.
We stopped to feed Jackson at Two Rivers Bridge and it is beautiful there.

The bridge!

My little traveler. :) He did pretty good considering we were in the car for a while.

I was thrilled to see my wonderful sister, Kelly, in her classroom! It was Jackson's 1st time to visit "Aunt Kelly's" class. :)

She gave Jackson a fire fighter hat. I think he looks adorable! Thank you, Aunt Kelly!

Kelly is the best aunt to Jackson. Love seeing her play with him!

Kelly's class just loved playing with him. They were so sweet.

Russell and I were SO excited to be able to take Logan and Lauren to lunch. Their choice was PIZZA! What else? :) *Yes, I know the lighting in the pic is bad, but it was cute of the cousins!

We loved Kelly and Eric's fall decorations and mums!

Friday night, we went to Todd and Dana's wedding rehearsal and dinner. They served fried fish, fries, and hush puppies. Oh, and of course, it's not a Southern affair without sweet tea! I'll post about the wedding very soon! :)

Saturday morning, Mamaw and Papaw Price surprised us and stopped by to see Jackson. He has grown so much since they saw him back in June. We enjoyed visiting with them.

Mama and I got to visit my Mamaw (Daddy's mother) and she met Jackson for the first time. I told her, "This is your great grandson, Jackson." She was so tickled to meet him. I really thought about Daddy a lot when we were visiting Mamaw. Miss him so much. It was really good to see my grandmother, though!

Jackson and I gave Mama (KK) her late birthday present! Sweet of KK and her second grandson.

Post wedding:

Connie, George and Phyllis came to Jackie and Ricky's house to visit and they were tickled to see Jackson in his pumpkin sleeper. :)

Mamaw Lawson, Russell and Baby J.
It was great to see them!

*Disclaimer: I totally forgot my dress pants for church! Woops!
We went to church with Jackie and Ricky on Sunday morning and we got to see our best friends, Haley and Keith! We have been friends for years and they truly are special to us.

It took a long time for us to get home on Sunday but we were glad to be home. There's no place like home even after a special time with family and friends.

Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Jesus Christ. Philippians 1:6


Maryellen said...

Jackson is really growing. He has your nose. He is adorable.