Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Weekend with the Fam

I have missed blogging, but plan to be back at it for a while. Last weekend, we went to my aunt Dodie's house to swim, enjoy grilled burgers, and spend time with family. We couldn't wait for Jackson to dip his toes in the water and see how he liked the pool for the very first time.
He had his Jake and he Neverland Pirates beach towel, trendy sunglasses, sun hat, and best of all, his cool swim trunks and rash guard shirt that said, "Mighty Cute."

We thought he looked adorable.

Mama, Kelly, me and Jackson.

He loves being outside.

We also rode 4 wheelers behind Dodie and Mike's house. It was pretty fun! I thought I may just ride a 4 wheeler, but I actually drove one.

Logan me and Lauren. Oh, I just adore these two! :)

Logan and Kelly!

My cousin, Emily loved snuggling with Jackson. He was definitely part of the entertainment. Who needs TV?
Saturday night, we stayed at my sister's house and spent time with Kelly, Eric, Logan and Lauren. It was Jackson's first time at Aunt Kelly and Uncle Eric's! :)

Lauren was playing with Jackson right before he went to sleep in his rock and play sleeper. I love this sweet pic!

Jackson loves his older cousins so much.

Eric is a wonderful photographer, so we wanted him to take Jackson's pictures on Sunday. Here's Russell and Jackson after we got him all dressed up.

Eric did an awesome job taking the pictures. Jackson was so good and did not even cry during the photo session. :)
My cousins, Mary Catherine and Ann Marie came to see us on Sunday and I was wonderful seeing them!

Mary Catherine, me, and Jackson

Ann Marie, me and Jackson.
I am so glad they came over. It was so good to see them. We love our family bunches!!!
Kelly made a wonderful lunch: chicken florenine lasagna, salad, and bread. I wish I had taken a picture of it. We had such fun in Central AR!