Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jackson's Adventures in South Arkansas

This summer has been so great with our sweet boy. Russell, Jackson and I headed to South Arkansas a couple of weeks ago and we were all so very excited about it.  
Jackson even had a special outfit for the long drive. It was his first long trip, so we tried to be prepared for anything-including dirty diapers on the road. HA! He was looking so cool in his "Off to Grandma's" outfit and matching sunglasses. YAY!

KK was SO tickled and over the moon to see Jackson and give him many kisses and hugs.

Jackson's first "trip" to see the "awesome car." It's really an inside joke that my Daddy told us about a long time ago. I plan to tell him all about it someday.

Before we headed to Magnolia, we stopped to see Phyllis, Russell's aunt, at her work. She was so happy to hold and meet Baby Jackson!

Russell's uncle George and Jackson

Mamaw and Papaw meet our lil prince.

Ricky, Mamaw Price, Papaw Price, Jackson, and Russell. So special!

Mamaw Lawson also met him and was so glad!

So very sweet!

Deer behind Jackie and Ricky's.

Jackson loves Jackie and Ricky!
At Wilson Gardens

This little "collage" is special to me. The top picture was taken in October 2005. Our sweet college friend, Karis, took the picture. Russell and I had been dating six months and the garden was fairly new when we started dating, so it became our favorite place. Russell proposed to me in that same spot in December 2006. Years later, on June 28, 2014, we took a picture with our sweet Jackson Randolph. What blessings abound!

On Sunday, we went to my home church in Camden. Jackson was loved by the sweetest ladies in the nursery, Irene and Alicia.

Here is Irene and Jackson. This is how he looked when we got to the nursery. He was OUT!

Janet was over the moon excited to meet Jackson. She was definitely one of our prayer warriors during the journey to have Jackson and she was just beaming! Janet was also my Sunday school teacher in high school!

Attempt #1 at getting a good "Sunday picture" of lil J. HA!

OH! Here's a cute one! :)

Our family in front of the house I grew up in.

KK and Jackson. I love this!!!

One of my best friends, Haley, met him also! Sweet, sweet!

Friends for 8 years!

Monday, Kelly and Lauren came! We loved taking walks with Jackson, as stroller rides are one of his favorite things. :)

B.A. recently got a side by side Polaris and so he took Lauren and I around the neighborhood in it. It was too fun!

Tuesday, we had a ladies (and Jackson) lunch date!
Mama, me, Emily, and Pat

Kim, Jackson, Kelly, and Lauren.
We had lunch at Catherine's Bistro. I had a cheese quesadilla with queso and salsa. So yummy!

My sweet Aunt Nancy, Katie Lee, and Zoe came to meet Jackson! The girls just loved holding him and taking pictures of him too. Too fun!

I have shared many times my sister's talent. She has many talents-singing, teaching, cooking, etc. But she is downright famous for her sugar cookies. I don't recall her making 4th of July ones before, but this year, she did!
Kelly, Kerrstyn, B.A's granddaughter, and Lauren start to ice the cookies.

Here are just a few cookies we decorated together. It truly is a labor of love to make these things, but so worth it.

After Jackson's bath on my bed. He loved to just lay on the bed and coo to us. It was so fun and precious!

Wednesday, it was time to go home. BA, Mama, and the most precious boy around.

He was kinda sad to leave KK! AWW! :) We had a great visit and Jackson loved his adventures in South Arkansas. He loves all of you! It was so great to see everyone!

This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 1 John 4:10