Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sweet JRP

It's been too long since I updated about Jackson. It will be a few posts until I finally catch up.
I love this picture of Jackson. Too sweet. I fall in love with his cheeks daily. :)

On Thursday, April 24th, it was Lauren's 12th birthday. We are so thrilled that she and Jackson share the same birthday month. Yep, we celebrate the little things. :) KK LOVED spending more time with her grandson. She is the best grandma!

Friday was a great day too. Laurie got to meet our sweet boy! Laurie is also wonderful with babies. She was thrilled to meet little Jackson. It was good to visit with her.

It was also Jackson's first trip to the pediatrician! We are so happy Dr. Byrum is our sweet boy's doctor. He is great with babies!

Saturday, April 26th was busy but fun filled! This was the first time Russell got to feed Jackson a bottle. So special.

Such a funny picture of Belle by their side!

A quick family pic! I just love my boys! :)

Amy, Tony, and Leighann came to visit and brought us BBQ for lunch. So good! This was the first time Amy met and held Jackson.

We went for a walk at Compton Gardens that afternoon and it was Jackson's first stroller ride. He did so good and slept the whole time. :)

KK, me, and Jackson on the walk.

Jackson and the bunny on the walk.

Mama made many yummy things throughout the week(s) she was here. One of them was peanut butter pie! She even added Jackson's monogram to it. :) Of course we loved it!

I really appreciate Parkhill Clinic and the doctors, nurses and staff there. There were several doctors who helped bring Jackson into this world and we cannot be more grateful.

Dr. Hix was so glad to meet Jackson!

Dr. Seale and nurses at Parkhill were very happy to meet him too. Dr. Seale is my OB/GYN, so I saw her regularly during the many times I went to the doctor. She was so supportive during the time we were trying to get pregnant, throughout the pregnancy, and also during the blood clot issue. It was amazing to have such a wonderful doctor. Even one of the nurses mentioned what a journey it was for us to get here. So thoughtful and special.

I will end with a sweet picture of Jackson all swaddled up. He loves to sleep like this and I think it's adorable. He has made us so incredibly happy.
More updates soon!

My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. James 1:19


His Doorkeeper said...

Meredith, Just wanted to congratulate you on your sweet baby boy Jackson! He is just precious and your life will never be the same.....God is so good! Enjoy every moment!

bella said...

What a beautiful baby boy. Enjoy every minute of his infancy as it goes so fast!