Monday, March 24, 2014

Pre Baby Shower Happies

My best friend, Amy, hosted a baby shower for me on Sunday. I have tons of pictures to share, which I will soon, but I first wanted to share these "pre baby shower happies" last week.

Russell and I went to Walmart and picked up these Cadbury mini eggs and....
FROZEN! Jackson is not even here yet, and we are already starting his Disney collection. Okay...I admit. I really wanted the movie myself...and so did Russell. As I have said before, we are both such kids at heart-for sure!

Our church hosted a women's lunch on Thursday. One of my very favorite people, Susan, was the speaker for the lunch and she taught us so much. She is such a wonderful example! Love her "five times" as she would say!

Friday night, my Mama, sister, and niece came and we were tickled to have them here for the weekend. Russell grilled burgers and they were delicious. We always just love being together and have such fun.

Saturday, we walked a little bit on the downtown square and enjoyed lunch at a great food truck.

Mama, Lauren, and Kelly waiting for lunch!

How can you go wrong with Mexican street tacos, chips and queso, and fruit punch? Thank you, Yeyo's grill! We will be back soon!

We love our town! :)

Russell's parents, Jackie and Ricky, came to NWA on Saturday. They brought these gorgeous daffodils to us from Ricky's uncle Randel and aunt Margaret. Thank you, Randel and Margaret for the flowers! They are beautiful! Oooh I just love them.

The shower was on Sunday (next post).
After the shower though, my mom helped go through VERY old toys of mine and also some of Kelly's. Don't adjust your computer screen. This is a real toy. HAHA!

We found this gem in the toy box! My Little Pony with an afro! Wow. I have no words, but I had to share it. I have had this toy chest in Jackson's room for a little while now, but this is the only chance Mama and I could go through it together. Glad we checked it off the list this weekend. :)

We are gearing up for sweet Jackson' arrival. Praying for a safe and good delivery for sure!

The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world. John 1:9