Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Unexpected New Year

So I posted the other day about New Year's Eve and how much fun we had ringing in 2014. I was not feeling 100% on New Year's Eve, but we went to dinner anyway. I thought I possibly had bronchitis or something. New Year's Day, I was miserable. I could not sleep or rest at all. Breathing was even hard at times and I had a cough on top of that. That night, I felt even worse. I called one of my good friends who is a nurse, told her my symptoms, and she recommended I go to the ER. Russell and I decided to go. I was very concerned about our sweet baby, first and foremost and wanted to make sure he was fine FIRST. We got to the ER, I had tons of tests, found out that Jackson is thankfully okay, and finally at 2:30 Thursday morning, we got shocking news. I have a blood clot in my lung. I was admitted to the hospital (my first hospital stay), for monitoring. They told me that two risk factors of getting a blood clot are pregnancy and traveling. Well, I am in both of those categories, but I still have some questions about how I got it. There are definitely new things to learn and add to my daily routine that I am still getting used to, though. But I'll get through this. We will get through it together. I was discharged from the hospital Thursday night. I have been home resting since then. I have already been in contact with my doctors and will continue to be monitored to make sure Jackson is okay and that I am okay, too.
I am so thankful for everyone's prayers, first and foremost. So many of our friends have reached out via calls, texts, Facebook posts, etc. It means the world to us and it just reminds us of how blessed we are. Thank you to all of you!! Mama and B.A. came Thursday night and helped out so much. I was so grateful that my Mama could be here for a little while. She made one of my favorites-macaroni special! Russell has been my rock in this whole situation. So strong and supportive. I love my family so much!
So thankful to God for everything first and foremost!!

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Isaiah 40:29


Becky said...

Oh My! I will be praying for you. I know how scary that is. When my daughter was pregnant with the triplets, I feel like I walked around on eggshells the entire time. I can understand how your mom must feel. Take care - rest a lot!

Maryellen said...

Feel better Meredith - I will be sure to add you to my prayers and to my bible study ladies prayer list.

Please keep us updated when you are feeling up to it.


bella said...

I have been praying for you since learning you were pregnant. I will continue to pray for your safety and the baby's. Take good care of yourself.