Thursday, July 25, 2013

Christmas in July: Commenting Challenge Day 4

We have made it to day four, y'all! It's been so much fun this week!
Today's topic: Christmas gift ideas
I really have not thought of any upcoming Christmas gifts for anyone in particular. I honestly don't think about gifts until at least November. HA! So I thought I would just post a few Christmas pictures from last year and make it "Christmas in July".
 The Price household LOVES Christmas! We have enjoyed traveling to Oklahoma to get a fresh tree for the past two years. It's so wonderful to do. I love the traditional look for Christmas decorating.
 I made this gingerbread trifle for a Sunday school Christmas party.
 We also make these heavenly cinnamon rolls every year and enjoy delivering them to family and friends.
 Our Christmas morning breakfast at my Mom's house!
Just for kicks, I thought I would share this picture. This is a picture of my cousins and I reaching into the popcorn tin on Christmas Day years ago at Mamaw and Papaw's house. Yum! HA!
Thanks for visiting! Have a great Christmas in July! :)
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journeyinmythirties said...

My Grandma used to have the buckets of popcorn during Christmas and my sisters and I would chow down! Cute Christmas pictures.

Brittney said...

Those cinnamon rolls look AMAZING!

Jennifer Vanzant said...

Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by my blog! LOVE yours! Those recipes look awesome! Might have to try those for Christmas this year!!

Ashley said...

Oh, I wish you lived close to me so I could get some of your cinnamon rolls! Yum!