Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013--Expect Amazing!

I am so excited because I had trouble uploading pictures via Internet Explorer. I finally found a way to do it through Google Chrome (in case anyone is having the same issue I am). 
It's 2013! 
To be honest, I totally did not track any points for Weight Watchers once we traveled to Camden for Christmas. I knew I was going to get back on track once the new year rolled around, and here it is! Happy New Year!

This year, I am totally going to expect amazing for myself. I am dedicated to this program and encourage anyone who is on a "diet" or totally feels deprived to join Weight Watchers. It is the best out there! 

I was tickled to get my WW magazine in the mail the other day. I think it has wonderful ideas in each issue. 

I love this commercial from Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson. JS is pregnant again, so maybe she will get back with WW after her baby is born. Who knows. We will see. Whatever goals you have for 2013, I encourage you to make it happen this year! We can do it! 

The Lord is faithful. He will strengthen you. 2 Thessalonians 3:3


Megan said...

Hi Meredith- Happy New Year! Please share some of your favorite recipes/ meals and any exercise plan you are following! You look great, by the way!