Saturday, December 1, 2012

Blown Away

I am way behind on blogging! I have missed it SO much! There is lots to catch up on for sure!
Russell is my sweetheart husband. I love him so much. He gave me Carrie Underwood tickets for my birthday/our anniversary gift earlier this Summer. He planned WAY ahead. November 21st finally came. We were both so very excited to take off for Tulsa.
 We were super pumped. I was trying hard to save all my energy and voice for the concert. I had laryngitis/bronchitis earlier that week, but I felt much better on Wednesday. Let me tell you, I could hardly contain myself. I knew I would be singing loudly along with thousands of other Carrie fans.
 We had an early dinner at Zio's, a yummy Italian restaurant in Tulsa.
 The concert was held at the BOK Center, where we stood in line before the doors opened.
 Ultimate Carrie fans!
 Hunter Hayes opened for her and there was also a DJ there to keep fans entertained. It was fun, but we knew it was party time when we saw this on the screen.
 Once my 4'11 short self saw Carrie, I just screamed to Russell, "OH MY GOSH! ITS CARRIE!"
It was great. Yes, I get majorly excited about these type of things. HA!
 singing "Good Girl"
 one of her favorite songs to sing is "Jesus Take the Wheel". Pretty background, I think.
 It's a moving stage! WOW!
 Beach balls and confetti during "One Way Ticket"
 Hello, confetti!
 Absolutely blown away. Nothing describes it better.
This describes my ecstatic self during the whole 90 minute concert. Yep. It sums it up well. :)
It was a wonderful adventure and a once in a lifetime experience, too. I think everyone should be a Carrie Underwood fan!
Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God.
Romans 3:25


Maryellen said...

Great photos looks like a great time. I like Carrie too.
She is so pretty isn't she.

You and Russell look fantastic.
You can really see the changes.

Becky said...

I am not a Carrie Underwood fan, but you looked beautiful!