Monday, October 29, 2012

Logan, the Teenager! He's 13!

Y'all know how much I love my nephew, Logan.
Today is his 13th Birthday!
This is definitely bittersweet for me. He is growing up right before our eyes every time we see him.
 Here we are at his 4th birthday party. Logan had an army party! So fun.
 Here we are after it snowed when he was one and a half! So cute!
 Me with the soccer star just a couple of weeks ago.
Me and my two favorite guys, Logan and Russell, of course!
Logan, I tell you every time I see you that I love you SO much! I want you to always remember that. Everyone loves you and I am sure it brightens everyone's day when they see you. It sure does brighten mine! :)
Oh my goodness, you are officially a TEENAGER!
Happy Birthday, Logan Ward, the best nephew ever!
Love, Meredith and Russell