Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weight Watchers Wednesday...Keep Your Momentum Going!

It's 100+ degrees out there!!! It's wayy too hot to even try to lose weight, right? Wrong! It is not impossible. It is very possible. I know it is extremely hot outside. I will just be honest with y'all. My favorite time of the year is Fall. I love it because it's right after the HOT and steamy Summer. I also love it for many other reasons, too.
 During our WW meetings this Summer, we have mentioned before that it's harder for most WW members to lose weight in the Summer. There are different reasons for every person.
A lot of people are just more hungry during the hot weather. Or maybe some people just don't eat enough. It's also hard to walk or run outside in this dry heat.
Here are a couple of tips that help me and hope they help you too.
 First of all, stay hydrated. How? Water, water, water. Did I mention water? :)
It's benefits are countless and it's the ultimate way of staying hydrated and not dehydrated.
Also, eat fresh fruit and veggies. I like to find new ways to cook different vegetables or find a healthy version of a dessert with fruit in it.
It can also be fun to find new things in your "lifestyle change." Not a diet.
 I love yoplait yogurt, but usually would not eat a lot of it because it had higher carbs, which meant higher PPV (points plus value). BUT, Yoplait teamed up with Weight Watchers and it's now 2 PPV a serving! I love it! It is so yummy!
Here's another neat find:
Have y'all heard of Lipton's Tea & Honey green tea? I tried it in Strawberry Acai flavor. They have several flavors and it's so good! You just add it to your water if you need some flavor. Yum!

So y'all, just remember, it is possible to lose weight in the steamin' hot summertime. We can do this! :)

Whoever believes in me, as the scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him. John 7:38