Saturday, July 21, 2012


First of all, I am sorry I haven't blogged in a while. We had to get a new hard drive for our laptop and we had to transfer data from one new hard drive to the other, which took a long time! HA! Plus, I have just been super busy in the meantime. Sooo.... onto blogging!

Russell and I L-O-V-E all our sweet family!! We had not visited them in a while in Central AR and South AR, so we made a time well-spent visit "down South."
Last Friday, we stopped at my sister, Kelly's house.
 Lauren is a talented ballerina and I couldn't wait to see some of her new skills! :) We love pictures!
 Ta-Da! Look at those pointe shoes!
 Before dinner, we went "window shopping" at Anthropologie. Here's little L showing me that nail polish. We love picking out colors!
We had dinner at Big Orange. It's actually a burger place and so good!
 Kelly, Eric and Lauren!

 Logan, me and Russell
 Lauren had fun trying on my earrings. So funny!
 After dinner, we went to the Apple store to browse around.
Logan and Russell knew all about those computers and technology!
 As you can see, we had a little too much fun with this computer app. No shame! HA!
 Kelly and Lauren wanted to try it too! Hilarious! I saw this app before, but not on a large computer screen like this one. Just fun!
 We all want a Mac! :)
Russell and I had such a good time with Kelly, Eric, Logan and Lauren. We always have fun together!
We got to Camden late Friday night, so we obviously rested.
Saturday, we went to Magnolia for a little while to see Jackie, Russell's mom. One of my sweet friends, Haley came by too! She and I had a good time catching up! 

 Belle loves company too. :)
Mama, B.A, Jackie and Ricky joined Russell and I for dinner Saturday night at Postmaster's Grill in Camden.
 It is actually an old post office building from a long time ago. That's why they call it "Postmaster's Grill."
 Even the cloth napkins were made in the shape of envelopes. So funny.
 Mama and B.A.
 Ricky and Jackie
 I had a yummy salad with berries and chicken.
 Russell and me

Sunday, we went to church and afterwards, we had lunch at one of the best restaurants in Camden--Woods Place. One of the best things about going to Woods is you always see people you know, including people you haven't seen in a while!
 I was SO excited to run into Kelly! She is my friend from high school and college as well. We share hilarious memories, including craziness in Driver's Ed during our Senior year of high school. HA!
 Sunday night, we went to church and saw even more friends! Here's Mama and Mary! Best friends!
 Oh my goodness! I used to babysit these two sweeties! Sarah Cate and Caleigh are the cutest! Caleigh was a flower girl in our wedding, too.
 Christy and her three girls! Christy is just the most kind person you can meet! Her girls are too!
 Kendall, Emily, and me
These girls are such sweet friends of mine. They are going to OBU in the Fall and I know they will love it! We had such fun and good laughs together, as always!

Monday morning, I visited my Aunt Nancy and saw my uncles Johnny and Buddy for a few minutes also.  We had a great visit and it's always good to be with the Jordan's! :)

Mama and I had fun together as always, too. But it just flew by!
It was such a good trip down to what we sometimes call "L.A." Lower Arkansas. HA!
What a true blessing family and friends are!!! Truly!

Jesus said to them, "Only in his hometown, among his relatives and in his own house is a prophet without honor." Mark 6:4