Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Festivities

Yes, this weekend was busy busy, but we had a good few days! I think I actually checked some things off my checklist! 
 Russell's work had a Christmas party on Friday night and it was so nice. I thought the tree was decorated beautifully.
 I loved the centerpieces too.
 Amy, Tony, Russell and I at the party
 Saturday morning Russell and I got to help at our church's annual Christmas store for a little while.
 The Christmas store is a special event that takes place every December. Families that need to can come and pick out toys for their families. I got go get to know some of the kids there and they were all soo sweet!
 Mary Avery and I

 Sweet Shelley, Joyce, and Gracie helped wrap the gifts!
We had a lot of fun but it was a real blessing to get to help families in need.

Saturday afternoon, we went Christmas shopping around town and ran other errands. Our tree is finally complete! We just got the bow for the top. I am so excited about it. It's red, green and natural colored burlap. We love our tree. It is our first fresh tree. My sister is right. I think we will start getting a fresh on every year!

Last night, we went to the ice rink by the downtown square. I was going to try to ice skate, but I kept seeing people fall all over the ice and then someone told me that it really hurts your ankles to ice skate. Well, I don't know, but now I'm scared to try! We will see! Good thing they had this movie playing....
 Can you guess what it is??
 We stayed for about twenty minutes but it was fun!
 Yes, it's A Christmas Story!

This evening, our church had a special candlelight service.
 It was so pretty. I enjoyed singing carols with everyone!
I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! Christmas is coming soon!!!

She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name, Jesus. He will save his people from their sins. Matthew 1:21