Monday, September 12, 2011

Almost There!

We had a few days in between Russell's jobs to take time to find an apartment or rent house last week. Wednesday, we woke up really early and traveled to NWA! It was time hunt for homes! Most of all, we wanted to catch up with friends, though. :)
When we lived in NWA before, my hairstylist was Laynette. We were like peas and carrots because we are both from South Arkansas and we just understand each other a lot! Laynette and her family mean so much to us. It had been WAY too long since I got my hair cut and colored, so I am so excited that Laynette is my hairstylist again! 
 We had to get a picture together.
 We decided to take a stroll around the Bentonville sqare. I was just like a kid in a candy store once we got there. It was just so exciting for both of us!
 This isn't great picture quality, but here we are!
 This is Russell's plate of spaghetti and fried chicken. I know what you are thinking. "Spaghetti? With fried chicken???" Yes, it's what The Venesian Inn is famous for. So good.

Thursday, September 8th, was our 4 year anniversary. We hunted for homes that morning and took a well deserved lunch break at Five Guys. I have heard so many great things about this place. It is very good. We will go back there soon!
Russell and I have been SO busy lately, as you know. We love going to our favorite store, Lifeway. There is a movie coming out on the 30th called 'Courageous'. It is based off the Bible verse, Joshua 24:15. Lifeway had quite a few Courageous movie items for sale. Russell and I thought we would have a "Courageous themed anniversary" with our gifts. It was fun to do that. Casual, but fun. HA!
 We also took some time to visit the Walmart Visitor Center. They updated it a lot recently and it looks so good.
 The Spark Cafe on the square
 Oh my gosh! I cannot believe it's been four years already! This is a quick picture taken before we left for dinner.
 We went to Ruth's Chris. It was OH sooo good! We really enjoyed it. It was so nice.
 Hello! Here is my wonderful steak!
 Potatoes Au Gratin we shared.
 We each got a free dessert. This is Russell's before he gobbled it up. I told the waiter we were also celebrating moving back in a few weeks so he put candles in our desserts! Ha!

Okay, I know what you are thinking, but yes we love to eat! HA!
 Friday, we tried a new frozen yogurt place, Orange Leaf. So good!
 That afternoon, we also played miniature golf. It was so fun.

 I got such a kick out of Russell because he kept losing the golf ball in the water so he had to fish it out with a net a few times. So funny!
 That night we had a great time with Amy, Tony, and Leighann. She ADORES Minnie Mouse. We played with Disney playdough and sang Minnie Mouse songs. So fun!
 Look at her stirring in the brownie mix! Love that apron!

Saturday, we finally found an apartment. Whew! After that, we spent time with our friends, Kelsey and Brian. We took a trip to the Terra Studios. It is a small attraction in NWA. If you have ever heard of the bluebird of happiness, this is where they are made.
 Me and my sweetie.
 Me and Kelsey! She is the sweetest! So glad we got together!
 Brian and Kelsey in front of the gazebo.
 Making a bluebird.....
 Ta-Da! So pretty!

 Sunday, of course, was 9-11, ten years later. That morning, we went to a special church service. I was moved to tears. I admit, I began tearing up when we all said the pledge of allegiance! It was a great service, though.
 After Sunday school, we ran into one of the sweetest, kindest people I know, Jenny. I have to take a few moments to tell y'all about her. I knew of Jenny from the praise team at church, but didn't know her that well. Three years ago, Jenny called me the day my Daddy had brain surgery and told me who she was and she wanted to come visit me. Both her parents passed away from brain cancer and yes, it was and still can be painful. But Jenny helped me in many ways because she was there with me and she could relate to what I was going through. We bonded the day we met in person and have been close ever since. She is a precious joy to me!
Lastly, Russell and I went to a potluck our Sunday school class organized! Here are all the girls enjoying a great lunch. I love all of these girls SO much! We are looking forward to getting to know each of them even better. Such a blessing! Now we are home and finishing our packing. Hope y'all have a wonderful week! XOXO!

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15


Mallorie said...

You and your hubby are just too cute! Happy (belated) anniversary! :-) Good luck with house hunting and moving!!! It's hard work but so fun to be in a new home/area. Even though your area isn't technically "new"! :-) Loved the update!

~Bekah said...

Happy belated anniversary! brian used to be in the singing group Josh was in and went to our church. His family still does. He also worked at SAU too! He's a great guy! When josh was in the group everyone though Brian and I were joshs kids! Hahaha so Brian is my "brother" hahahah

Jenny Blue Sorey said...

Meredith - such a great blog! I so enjoyed seeing you when you were here! And am excited you will be back soon in AR!!!!

Jenny Blue Sorey said...

what a great blog!!!! It was so great seeing you while you were in Bentonville and can't wait for you to be back here to live again!!!