Thursday, May 26, 2011

American Idol Finale

 Well, American Idol, Season 10 has come to a close. Some people dropped out of watching the last episode, but they definitely missed out. Season 10 was absolutely the best season yet, in my opinion. Here are Lauren and Scotty at the beginning of the show.
 Before they announced the winner. Aren't they cute?
Right when Ryan Seacrest announced Scotty as the winner, Lauren and Scotty kissed! Then he sang his new single, "I Love You This Big". While he was singing and crying all at one time, he took the time to hug all his family and AI friends too, but said, "I Love you baby" to Lauren! I seriously think they may be a couple. But they still say they are "just friends". We will see. But I predict a serious relationship in the future! :) I have always loved Scotty's talent and personality on the show. He is a strong Christian and will be an awesome example for all of us. Congratulations to Scotty!!!! 


petrii said...

I am SO happy he won Meredith!! He was my pick. I love that he is a Christian and let's everyone know it.

Hope you are doing well ~~ Dawn