Saturday, April 16, 2011

Living Proof Live

 How do I start about Beth Moore Living Proof Live weekend? I will say first off, that my heart was open to what the Lord wanted and needed to show me this weekend.
 Friday night was our first session with sweet Beth Moore. Oh, how I wish I could meet her someday! Wow! That would be just A-MA-ZING! Not only is Beth Moore awesome, but she is from Arkansas, y'all!!! Her first words she uttered were, "Hello, Arkansas," and she began to tear up, and I teared up also! EEK!
 I finally got to meet precious Caroline on Friday. I could not wait to hug her neck! It was awesome meeting her!!!

The main focus for this weekend was about fulfilling your ministry that God has planned for you. I learned so much, I cannot even tell y'all how much. I did learn that we have to learn the art of PURE Perseverence!!!!!! Also we have to learn to endure the hard for the sake of the good. I also learned one simple thing. It seems so simple but can also be so simple to forget to do. LOVE others. We shouldn't say, "OK, Lord. I "love" this person and not mean it. We should show our brothers and sisters in Christ real and genuine love for one another. Sometimes in simple ways by possibly taking a little time out of our busy schedules to listen to what a friend has to say. Take time to love one another! Love Love Love! I am twenty five years old. I believe God has a plan for each one of us and we all need to seek that plan out and live by it!

So today (Saturday) was awesome too of course!
 I saw Laurie and got to talk with her for a little while this morning. Laurie is just adorable. I have known her all my life. She has such a spiritual gift of encouragment.  I love you, Laurie!
 This is most of our group! Christy, Claire, Kellye, Jen, and me! Girls--I am sooo overjoyed we got to spend this weekend together and share lots of love and laughter too! So glad I got to know y'all even better! Hugs and Kisses to y'all!

These sweet 3 ladies are sweet gifts! I have practically known Janet all of my life as well. She was one of my mentors in high school and high school Sunday School teacher. Christy is just a joy to be around too! She was also another mentor for me right before Russell and I got married. Lastly, I have known Kellye since high school and yes, she's the harp player from my previous post! 

Here's sweet Mandy! She is also my adorable friend! I have also known her forever practically! We have tons of memories when we were in high school and youth together. Mandy works for DaySpring--Soo cool! I think that is just so neat! Love you, Mandy!

I have to share another amazing thing that happened throughout the weekend. I swear I saw about 20 people I knew at the conference. If any of ya'll are reading this today, please know that it was awesome seeing each one of you even if I just yelled, "hey" to y'all for a quick second! Ha!
Perhaps someone is reading this and they may feel heartbroken or hurt about a situation and need prayer and an encouraging word. First, know that God loves you. Know that I would love to pray for you. My email is listed at the right.
Loads of Love for all of you today and every day!