Monday, March 7, 2011

Spa at Home

The other night, I decided I deserved a relaxing spa night. First of all, I gave my feet a treat with Mary Kay Pedicure set. It has a rosemary mint scent that is just out of this world wonderful. Oh, by the way. I only used to sell MK and no, noone asked me to endorse these. I chose to because it's my favorite brand! :)

I then used the TimeWise Firming Body Lotion. It tones and hydrates the skin which also smells and feels great on your skin!
And what's a spa without a face mask? This TimeWise even complexion mask that brightens dull skin. It feels so good afterwards too!

Of course I had to use the Miracle Set. I use it every night which is absolutely divine.
I then used Satin Lips set. The mask gently exfoliates and gets the dead skin off while the lip balm moisturizes and feels sooo good!

Satin Hands Peach Smoothie scrub and lotion is a-ma-zing. It feels like perfection and feels like heaven afterwards! Yes it does!

Lastly, I filed my nails with these Arkansas Novaculite nail files my sister got me for Christmas!

I better go! I'm going to go pamper myself again! Bye!


Amber said...

I, too am a Mary Kay girl :). Love those products!