Saturday, October 23, 2010

Remembering Aunt Ruth

Aunt Ruth was my Daddy's Aunt and my great Aunt. She passed away just yesterday morning. I just wanted to share how much she meant to me and what a wonderful lady she was. This picture was taken 11 years ago at a family reunion. She has always been so special to me. Our family is a very musical family. Aunt Ruth was one of the most musically inclined person I knew. She played the piano beautifully, directed handbells at one time in her life at church, was a piano Guild judge, and soooo much more. I took piano when I was little and participated in Guild a couple of times. She judged my piano pieces. One time, she gave me a brass bell that I still have for helping her with a music program. She encouraged our family to keep on singing and use our talents for God. I also had the priviledge to sing while she played the piece, "Let There Be Peace on Earth" at a music club program. There are many memories we have of her and we are so blessed to have known her and blessed we are family.
Fire goes out without wood and quarrels disappear when gossip stops. Proverbs 26:20