Thursday, March 11, 2010

Daffodil Days

Well, it's time for the 17th Annual Daffodil Festival! I am sooo excited about it. I adore daffodils. They are one of my very favorite flowers! Today I decided to take a "mini-tour" of a neighbor's yard down the street. They have such pretty flowers in their front yard so I thought I would take a couple pics and then go back home. However I happened to run into him outside and he said I could take all the pictures I wanted and he showed me more beautiful flowers in their backyard. Let me tell you--BREATHTAKING! Aren't these just gorgeous! My little yellow friends! HA!
These are daffodils in our yard today. So sweet and pretty!

More of our neighbors yard

I love this picture because they look kinda like they are talking to you! Okay, maybe not really talking, but.....they just look so happy and friendly! HA!

Our neigbors picked all these for me (pretty much one of each kind of daffodil). I was SOOO excited that I just took a pic of myself w/ the bouquet of daffy's!
Well, back to talking about the festival. We will be so busy this weekend at the festival. If the rain holds off (hopefully it will), we plan to go to "Dining with the Daffodils" on Saturday. I'll tell you more about that later. :) We also want to tour historic homes, tour gardens, go downtown and see all the vendors and shop some too! Yay for Daffodils!
Aren't these sooo pretty?
I hope that ya'll are enjoying Spring just as much as I am!
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Maryellen said...

Thank you Meredith so nice to see those flowers. We don't have any flowers just yet in NJ, but soon.
It was so nice to see yours . . .
Have a great time at the festival.

Becky said...

You always seem to have so much fun! Next month is the Maple Syrup Festival near us.