Sunday, December 6, 2009

South Arkansas at its Best!

First of all, I will say that I took a few other Thanksgiving pics from my side of the family and I only found TWO from our family's Thanksgiving! AGH! Okay! I got that out of my system! I will try to find them on my camera. It is so weird, it just seems like they disappeared! Whatever! Oh yes! I was talking about Thanksgiving! We had a good Thanksgiving with Mama, Kelly, Eric, Logan, Lauren, Carolyn, Kimberly, Bo, Katherine, Gram and Sandy! After we ate the big meal, Kelly, L & L and I went outside to shoot the BB gun. In our family it is a pasttime. Because my Daddy taught Kelly and I to shoot a BB gun when she was about 8 and he taught me, and Logan as well. We aim, and shoot at a tree in the woods behind the backyard.
Logan took this picture! :) Have I told ya'll before I just love my sister?! I am sure I have! She is the greatest!

That night we went to Jackie and Ricky's house and had the Price Thanksgiving. First we took pictures of this little doll! Isn't her dress the cutest?

And here is our Price family! From what I understand, a Price family photo has not been taken in over 20 years! WOW! So that is why we were all so excited to get one this year. Seated is Ricky (Russell's dad), and Papaw Price and Mamaw Price in the middle, Ron (Ricky's brother), and behind the couch is Jackie (Russell's mom), Russell, and me, Tony, Amy (Ron's daughter), Leighann, and Debbie.

Leighann was all smiles!

I am so glad Amy and I got to visit. Not only are we best friends, but cousins as well! :)

Friday (the day after T'giving), Russell and I helped Mama decorate her house for Christmas. Decorating is just so fun! I think I could decorate all day if I was organized enough! HA!

Friday night we celebrated Ricky's birthday and Tony's birthday at a good restaurant, Ole Feed House! Catfish anyone?

Saturday Mama and I went over to Mamaw and Papaw Price's and Mama met Leighann for the first time! She was so good!

Russell and I stayed in South AR for a week and a half. While we were there I also got to spend time with:
Sweet Lindsey! She is one of my best friends too! She is studying to be a Christian counselor. As far as I am concerned, I owe her a large "bill" for being my "counselor"! HA! Thanks Lindsey, in advance! :) We went to see The Blind Side. It was my 2nd time to see that movie! It is a WONDERFUL movie to see ya'll! I am telling ya!

Mama and I got to spend time with each other too. I enjoyed visiting with her so much. Her dog protects her in a major way. Her name is Abby!

This past Thursday we went to Little Rock with Jackie and Ricky to browse around stores there and visit Russell's great aunt Margaret and great uncle Randel. They are two sweet people!
Well that is just part 1 of our visit. But part 2 will be of.....thats right...Ann Marie's wedding!
I thank my God every time I remember you. Philippians 1:3