Monday, July 13, 2009

Baby Cakes and Crocodiles

Well Amy and Tony's baby girl, Leighann will be here tomorrow! Last night we just had to celebrate. Russell and I went over to their house to visit with Amy, Tony, and Amy's mom and Dad (also Russell's Aunt Debbie and Uncle Ron!). We had a good time! I decided that I should pamper Amy and Debbie, so I gave them spa pedicures and they tried satin hands and satin lips. I wanted them to be relaxed because Leighann will be here soon!

Amy decided to make a Tapioca cake. She was so excited to make it, plus I think she had a burst of energy too! She thought it would be great to add Leighann's monogram to the cake with blueberries. Isn't it cute?

We thought it needed a little something extra. We got so excited, we may have gone overboard, but we still like this next picture:

So we call this "The Baby Cake"! It was so yummy too. We are totally ready for Baby Leighann! A C section is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Russell and I will be at the hospital with bells on! Please pray that everything is smooth for tomorrow and everything will be great.

Yes, July has been JAM PACKED busy, but that is okay! This week I am helping with our church's Bible school. The theme for this year is "Crocodile Dock". I am a crew leader and I am really enjoying helping with it. I really enjoyed helping the kids this morning. However tomorrow, I won't be there! I'll be waiting for Leighann to enter the world! OKAY! Yes, I am excited! I will be "Aunt Meredith" to Leighann so yes, I admit I am excited! I hope my excitement is contagious for ya'll! Have a great day!