Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Allison LaMarr, A Love Story, and Weekending!

WOW! We have been EXTRA BUSY lately. I have a few things to catch ya'll up on! Wednesday night, we had another Mary Kay event. I was so excited to meet Allison LaMarr! She is a Mary Kay National Sales Director and one of the sweetest, genuine, most down to earth ladies I have ever met! She was the speaker for this event.

Thursday morning, we packed up and headed to LA (lower Arkansas). When we got to Jackie and Ricky's, it was time to eat. Jackie made seven layer salad, garlic biscuits, and yummy chicken spaghetti. It was yum! We also watched the movie, Marley and Me with them because they hadn't seen it until then.

Before I move on, I absolutely have to tell ya'll a little love story! Back in October '08, I mentioned to my friend, Lindsey, about a single guy named Todd Huffman (Russell's best friend). Lindsey didn't say much at first about it so I just forgot about it for a little while. In May, I told Lindsey again about Todd and gave her his number. I wasn't sure if she would call Todd, but she did! Todd called Russell and I and said, "I bet we talked an hour and a half, Meredith! She's just a REAL GOOD person!" And Russell and I thought, "WOW!" So anyway, the next day, Todd came over to visit us. He talked with Lindsey a lot on the phone and when he wasn't doing that, he was talking about her! Keep in mind, they have not met in person at this time! I could tell things were going great though. Todd even bought some Mary Kay lotion and perfume from me to give to sweet Lindsey! The day he left our house to go back to McNeil, he stopped in Fordyce to meet her. The rest is history!

Here they are: Todd and Lindsey!

Friday night we went to Texarkana with the "lovebirds" and had a blast! First, we headed to Texas Roadhouse for steaks, then we went shopping/browsing at Lifeway store, Target, and of course, the guys had to stop at Home Depot! We ended the night by going to Cold Stone Creamery for some yummo ice cream. I had Chocolately Goodness ice cream which is limited time by the way! HA! Russell and I could tell right off that Todd and Lindsey are made for each other and we are sooo very happy for them!

Here we are at Texas Roadhouse!
Saturday morning, we visited with Russell's Mamaw Lawson and Aunt Connie. We went to lunch with our friends Haley and Keith at Backyard BBQ-the best BBQ in Magnolia! Then we stopped by Mamaw and Papaw Price's house to visit also. They are so sweet. By that time it was off to Camden to see Mama! Then we visited with my Mamaw! We had dinner with Laurie, Steve, their sweet little girls, and Mary and Russell, Laurie's parents.
Sunday morning we went to church with Jackie and Ricky and the service was soo good! And again, we went to lunch at Red Lobster! That afternoon we visited with more family and went back to Camden. We had a good visit with Mama. I do wish I had taken more pictures though. But I hope ya'll enjoyed reading! We got back last night and are kinda tired! HA! Hope ya'll have a wonderful week!


Laurie said...

Where was the Red Lobster Sunday???