Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Modeling, Fall, and Moving on Saturday?.....Maybe not!

Today has been busy but good. Today I met my friend Paige at lunch. We went to Johnny Carino's-one of my favorites (really ANY Italian is!). We had so much fun and had a great visit. Also, we are both Mary Kay star consultants. Last quarter, star consultants celebrated w/ a luau. I posted pics of that in May. So this time we are all going to be "models!" HA! I could never be a real model of course but each "star" gets to go to Cato and pick out an outfit to model for Tuesday nights fashion show. It's really just for fun. So Paige and I picked out our outfits together. I will post about that later!

The weather here has been absolutely marvelous!!! No, no beautiful Fall leaves yet, but it sure does feel like Fall right now! Okay now, about moving....we can't move on Saturday! The builder won't have everything done and paperwork won't be done until next week! So, alas, our plans were shifted! Oh well! That's how things happen. The positive thing about not moving until next week is we have MORE TIME to box everything up!
So I hope you all have a great week!!!


His Doorkeeper said...

Sounds like fun to go and pick out an outfit to model.

Aren't you super excited about moving to the new house? WOW!

I hate packing but it is necessary!
Wait till you're married for 40 years....the junk accumulates!!

Have a great move!!

petrii said...

Oh that sounds like a GREAT time, and I do love me some CATO!!! Fun clothes on the cheap ~~ you gotta love that !!!!!!!

How fun to be moving to a new house!! It is just great to move in and make it your own.

Love and hugs to you dear one, Dawn