Friday, May 2, 2008


Tonight I went to Amy Bowman's house to visit with friends. All of Mary Kay star consultants were invited so I went. Well, Amy lives in Pea Ridge...I got to her house fine but needless to say, it was like 9 when I left her house. I took a wrong turn, I called Russell and thought he would know where I was. I was VERY low on gas, depending on what my dad called the "30 mile leeway". Russell didn't really know where I was either! So I called Amy Talbert and said, "hey, I am in Rogers somewhere but I dont even know how to get home!" Then she got her husband Tony to tell me where I was and how to get back home! Needless to say I was close to Lowell and got on 540 to get home. Russell called me again and said "Meredith you better stop at Sam's to get gas!" I drove to Sam's-----CLOSED!!!! I prayed and prayed to get to Wal Mart in Bentonville. Finally I did! Crazy Crazy story I know! I have never been good with directions. I would need GPS or OnStar to help me! Have ya'll ever been lost like me? I know my sister, Kelly is reading this and Kelly, I am not good at directions like you are! My mother and I share the same trait of getting lost lots! End of LONG Story! HA!


Jenna said...

Girl, I soooo could have written your post! I have ZERO sense of direction! You need to get TeleNav on your phone! It's helped me so much!