Friday, April 25, 2008

My Crazy Hair!

Lately I have been aggravated with my "hair situation!" First of all, I found a new hairstylist almost a year ago. She put I don't know how many colors in my hair (maybe to look more natural-or that's what she said!) Anyway, she talked about everybody under the sun, too! After Russell and I got married, I thought I found an okay stylist....back in October but she kept me there for FOUR hours! She said my hair color needed lots of correction...hmm... Anyway that lady works somewhere else now..don't know where! So finally in December I really thought I found the right one to fix my hair! I liked it for a while then in March, I got my hair colored again and bought this PURPLE shampoo-yes, purple! She said it was for blonde colored hair. Okay so now it is April 25th! I seriously believe it is turning my hair to a much darker color! So it looks really uneven in my opinion! It's really a crazy story, huh? My friend, Christy told me to try another lady. I just may call her and hopefully I'll find someone who can do my hair right and for a long time! THE END!


Meredith said...

It's so hard to find "the one". I just tried my fourth or fifth person in 6 years, and liked her. I hope she stays around. Good luck!