Sunday, December 30, 2007

2008: New Year, New Beginnings!

Today was a great day and Russell and I both learned a lot! We went to church this morning and that we need to make resolutions of the heart! Accept responsibility, give thanks to God in everything-not just the good things. In Sunday School we discussed a lot about resolutions. Jason gave us truths to guide one another through the New Year! 1 God Loves You 2 God's presence is with you 3 Gods Word is the Bread of Life, 4 God wants to have conversation with you 5 God has work for you to do, and 6 Trust God in EVERYTHING! Russell and I have decided to make resolutions and we are determined to stick with them and not just let them slide. With God's help, He will show us how to have a blessed new year with NEW BEGINNINGS! After church, we went to Mazzio's with Laurie, Steve, and sweet little 2 year old Emily Paige! She is a DOLL! I just wanted to share about what we learned today.