Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Price Quarantine

We have been quarantined for 23 days so far. The picture above is one of the first viral pictures I saw about coronavirus. Joshua 1:9 is one of my very favorite verses. 

We have tried very hard to think positive and keep on the sunny side of all this. I wanted this time to be memorable even though it's challenging. Here are some of our fun times: 

So a funny fact: Jackson calls it the "conola virus." Love him. He makes me smile!
 Jackson loves maps. It was time to work a USA puzzle!
 One of the local toy stores offers curbside delivery. We picked out three surprises for Jackson and he got to open them when we got home. This was probably on day 10 or so. :)
 Giant bubbles!!! So fun to do outside.
 Can we say PUZZLES??? We worked this puzzle a few days ago and wow. 500 pieces of .....blue, blue, and more blue!!! Russell worked most of this puzzle.
 Cars puzzle!
 Have you heard of "Going on a Bear Hunt?" Put a bear in your window so other kids and families will spot it. Go for a walk or a drive and see how many bears you can find. We found 60 something bears and/or stuffed animals one day.
 I adore this little boy!
 You just have to laugh. :D
 Plus Plus puzzle time! These things are so fun. Jackson called these Hulk and Spider Man. :)
 Who can relate???
 Zoom! Who hasn't used Zoom to chat with their class, family, or friends? He felt super professional.
 Let's be honest. Corona, Rona, or Conola ....whatever it's called makes us hungry. 
We got takeout one Sunday for brunch after we livestreamed our church service. Good Sunday morning, y'all. Just sayin.'
 Such a good book so far.
 A tangible reminder.
 Beautiful tulips!!!
 Here's where I get a little weary. So Jackson's teacher sent him hearts in the mail with sweet words of encouragement. He was so very happy to get them the other day. 
Our governor just announced that online school or AMI will continue for the rest of the year.
Here's our boy working hard. 
I honestly will have to hold off on my thoughts and feelings about finishing school via online. 
I will miss my students dearly as well. 
To be continued.....

I hope y'all are doing well. Praying this virus goes away asap!

Our school sent out an update with a bible verse that spoke volumes to me and summed it up for us during this time. 
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and devoted to prayer. Romans 12:12