Thursday, April 28, 2011

All Girls Are Princesses

 YAY! It's almost here! The wedding of the century has almost arrived! I love this picture of William and Catherine just released today. I think it is so sweet!
 These girls will always be princesses! Russell and I kept four precious kiddos tonight. Katherine looked sooo precious in her "Belle" crown we got her. She adores--absolutely adores Beauty and the Beast.
 Here are the "Estes cousins" at our house! Logan--so handsome, Katherine--what a "beauty" , Lauren--great assistant tonight, and Baby Allie--what a precious doll! We had a great time keeping these sweeties.
 I have to confess--I may not sleep tonight. Sometimes I don't fall asleep until 2 in the morning anyway and William and Kate's wedding coverage on TV starts at like 3 I think. We will see. I am sure I will watch Lifetime's "William and Kate" movie again.
And I will probably look at my new Royal Wedding book and older Princess Diana magazines from when I was younger. Am I obsessed? Some may think so, but I am not one of those major collectors that I see on TV! I will not get that bad! I am just a sucker for romance and excitement! Well, here's to lots of well wedding wishes for the couple!


Maryellen said...

I'm with you Meredith. I loved it.
I treated my self to the "ring" from QVC hah It is really pretty.

Missed Diana so bad, wanted so much for her to be there.
I have to admit I'm still a bit angry with Charles LOL

Glad you enjoyed the big day !

Somethings Gotta Give said...

Hope you had a GREAT time watching the Royal Wedding! I just finished my Royal Wedding Recap. It was sooo fun!